Windchill 12 was released at the beginning of June 2020. So, it makes sense that you might be thinking about upgrading. You may also be wondering if the functionality in the Windchill 11 vs Windchill 12 feature set is worth the effort to upgrade. If you are undergoing or considering a digital transformation, then there is little question that Windchill 12 will prove invaluable. We’re comparing Windchill 11 vs Windchill 12 to show you why.

Windchill 12 will give you the tools you need to enable a digital transformation within your organization.

Digital First

PTC is well-known for its commitment to open and standards-based integrations and Windchill is a perfect example of this. New enhancements based on the ODATA standard enable compatibility with both PTC and non-PTC applications. This supports the multi-system orchestration of design processes and simplifies communication with team-members in varied locations.

Administrators will also enjoy the new tools to help plan and execute upgrades, which reduces downtime and enables a quicker ROI.

End-to-End Collaboration

The global pandemic has accelerated the distributed teams’ trend. Having the right tools to support collaboration between multiple stakeholders when working from home is more essential than ever. Windchill 12 works seamlessly with all the other products in PTC’s portfolio, and it provides up-to-date product information quickly whenever a user needs it.

Product Data Access

New extensions to Windchill’s already industry-leading functionality such as Silicon Expert and HIS integration help with component sourcing, part selection, and risk assessment. This way you can always be sure the team makes the best choice when balancing quality, cost, and availability.

More Windchill Extensions

In addition to the extensions available with Windchill 11, Windchill 12 adds a bunch of new ones. One of the new extensions, BOM Subscribe, allows users to sign up to be notified of any changes to a specific BOM. Change Validate and Change Validate Plus ensures that all changes meet defined rules before they can be affected. Change Validate Plus can even incorporate business rules as well as design rules.

New Windchill 12 extensions give every stakeholder insight into the tasks and processes that matter most to them.

Early Visibility to Design Issues

Short deadlines, remote teams, and complex products can make it hard to ensure designs meet specifications and quality standards, but Windchill 12 makes it easier than ever to uncover design issues and react fast when changes are necessary. Proof of traceability helps companies protect intellectual property by creating, maintaining, and allowing access to a complete digital thread. This covers every step from innovation and engineering design, manufacturing, service, and sales and marketing. Your entire team is in sync, working collaboratively, and effectively to deliver high-quality, innovative, profitable products and services.

End-to-End Project and Process Coverage

Companies need speed in product development processes, but they also need to be confident that the right controls and communication pathways are in place to handle it. Windchill 12 closes the loop between engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and field service team members so they can react quickly to adverse events or recent changes. The ability to react quickly helps drive down the cost of quality, improves customer satisfaction, and speeds time to market.

Manage Critical to Quality (CTQ) Characteristics

In conjunction with Creo Design Software and Creo View, Windchill 12 provides a robust visualization solution that lets viewers see changes in the CAD design so they can visually manage CTQ characteristics. Without assuring critical quality parameters are met, you can’t be certain the product will meet customers’ needs, so having an early warning system when anything could interfere with these crucial characteristics can save time and money while improving customer satisfaction.

Windchill 11 vs Windchill 12: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

There’s no question that Windchill 11 is a terrific product, but when it comes to Windchill 11 vs Windchill 12, there is no contest. If your company is in the middle of a digital transformation, or even if you’re just dipping a toe in the digital transformation water Windchill 12 is the solution you need. The improved communication, collaboration support, and end-to-end visibility that Windchill 12 provides are well worth the effort involved in upgrading. And if you deploy Windchill in the cloud, there is no effort involved at all, but you still can take advantage of these valuable new capabilities.

Talk To An Expert About Windchill 11 vs Windchill 12

There is no question that both Windchill 11 and Windchill 12 are great products, and your business will do well with either. If you’re not convinced that Windchill 12 is the product you need, we’ll be happy to walk you through all the new features and capabilities. We can show you how Windchill 12 will streamline and improve every step in your product life cycle, from an initial idea, through design, manufacturing, sales, and service. At NxRev, we know Windchill well, and we understand your business and the processes you need.

To learn more about Windchill 12 and how NxRev can support your digital transformation efforts, contact us today.