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PTC’s latest release of Creo continues to build on an already strong foundation, with even more enhancements for better manipulation and analysis of CAD models. It has been specifically adapted to help designers and engineers deliver the best products faster. Creo 9 includes new tools and upgrades, too:

Let’s dive in!

Creo 9 Feature Updates and New Tools

Usability and Productivity Enhancements

General usability and productivity enhancements are designed to streamline and optimize workflows. The tools within sketcher, ECAD, and Freestyle have all been upgraded to simplify work. In addition, model tree manipulation and management improvements support new model-based definition (MBD) workflows, geometry creation, simulation, and more. Brand new usability and productivity features include:

  • Divide and unify surfaces: This tool can be used for MBD and generative design for loads and constraints, engraving, rendering aesthetics, and completing load region simulation.
  • Freestyle brushes: New Freestyle brushes have been created to manipulate control mesh and mirror based on the elevated datum plane.

Upgrades to Simulation and Generative Design Features

Simulation and generative design tools have been significantly enhanced with this Creo 9 release.

Generative and simulation-driven design allows you to create better products faster without creating costly physical prototypes.

Improvements to Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Detailing

Powerful MBD tools give users improved clarity with less effort. Modern symbol updates ensure symbols with ASME/ISO standards and add new weld and hatch patterns for simplified detailing. Upgraded detailing tools include updates to GD&T advisor for improved drawing and increased productivity. Lastly, enhancements for Step AP 242 export include additional references added to note annotations.

Advances in Additive and Subtractive Modeling Tools

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) improvements have increased support for additive and traditional (subtractive) manufacturing. Additive manufacturing improvements include upgraded tools for support structures and stochastic and user-defined lattices. Upgraded subtractive manufacturing tools include 5-axis finishing toolpaths, mold development, turning, and adaptive feed rates for milling.

Upgrading additive and subtractive manufacturing tools helps to optimize product design for the manufacturing process to significantly reduce production costs.

New Manikin and Vision Manipulation for Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design relies on human-related tools to work, and humans are not one-size-fits-all in terms of product design. Creo 9 now allows you to manipulate manikin figures for improved ergonomic design. Designers can finally put users at the center of the design process and easily account for human uniqueness with tools such as:

  • Custom manikin dimensions
  • Enhanced manikin manipulation
  • Tools to visualize and analyze sight and field of view

Get Started with Creo 9

Should I Upgrade?

As with any new version release, upgrading ensures you have access to the latest state-of-the-art tools. So upgrading to Creo 9 makes sense, even if you plan to use only those features that are most important to you. These tools increase productivity and help keep your team competitive in a market where time is everything. Then, of course, there’s the financial part to consider . . .

How Much Does Creo 9 Cost?

The latest versions of Creo are only available via subscription licenses—so the good news is that if you’re up to date on maintenance, you will likely already have access to the new Creo 9 release.

If you aren’t already using Creo and are switching from another CAD platform, you can get Creo for as little as $2,200 for a basic license. However, your specific price may vary based on your team’s required features, configuration, seats, etc.

Regardless, Creo 9 includes some incredible tools that are of value to all types of designers and engineers. We highly recommend upgrading to the latest version so you can take advantage of all the productivity tools and enhancements Creo 9 has to offer.

If you’re interested in upgrading to Creo 9 or purchasing a Creo license for the first time, contact us.