So, you’ve decided to switch to Windchill—great! As a PTC reseller, we’re obviously a little biased, but with years of experience helping organizations optimize their investments, we do think Windchill is the best PLM available. However, to get the most out of your Windchill investment, you must take the time to complete your Windchill data migration and Windchill integration processes correctly. 

Windchill Data Migration

Why You Need Windchill Data Migration

Whether you’re completing your Windchill data migration because of an acquisition or because you’re moving from another product, seamless data transfer is critical. Your team has spent years creating designs and working within your CAD system, and there’s no reason you should start from zero when upgrading your systems. Windchill data migration makes designs compatible with later versions of the platform or transfers other designs based on associated metadata. 

Windchill Data Migration Services

If you are looking to complete Windchill data migration, we can help. We have the best-in-class Windchill data migration tools, so you can easily migrate all your Creo data no matter where it’s stored. We can even consolidate and manage other CAD applications in Windchill. Our Windchill data migration services include:

  • Migrating large Creo data sets from a Windows folder system into Windchill
  • Moving robust data sets from other PDM/PLM systems into Windchill
  • Transferring all data plus associated metadata into Windchill

Windchill Integration

Why You Need Windchill Integration

Companies today must manage workflow between multiple systems. Even if they are streamlined internally, they still need to work with the systems their outside partners are using—making cross-application compatibility and data exchange a basic requirement for all systems. Plus, as the world went remote and is looking to stay that way (at least in some part), walking over to a colleague to request information is becoming a rare occurrence. Your systems must be set up to bridge the gaps among your distributed workforce.

Windchill Integration Services

We offer a solution that bridges the gap between Windchill and other ERP systems. Our integration solutions can help eliminate redundant and error-prone tasks that typically plague PLM integrations. 

PTC Windchill Support: Complete Service Offerings

As with any powerful PLM solution, Windchill requires a lot of back-end administration tasks to keep it running smoothly. At NxRev, we offer a service program that goes above and beyond standard PTC support and includes:

  • NxRev assistance for support tickets
  • Mentoring
  • New hire onboarding
  • License support, management, and troubleshooting
  • Windchill server support

Our service offerings not only get you up and running with Windchill quickly but also make sure you don’t experience any outages or delays. 

If you’re currently looking for Windchill integration or Windchill data migration services, get in touch with us today.

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