Modern manufacturing demands seamless interoperability. As the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) put it: “How the product’s design and manufacturing information is authored, exchanged, and processed is critical to competitiveness in this era.”

But with everyone using a different CAD system, how do you ensure a smooth exchange of information? You must start your digital thread off right by investing in tools that ensure valuable CAD data isn’t lost in messy CAD file translation issues.

The Cost of CAD File Translation Errors

A design engineer’s time is best spent creating. Unfortunately, messy CAD file translation often leads to too much of their energy is wasted dealing with errors, managing cumbersome files, and repairing broken geometry.

Despite valiant efforts to untangle the mess, critical information can still be lost. This forces engineers to choose the painstaking alternative of avoiding CAD file translation errors altogether by designing from scratch – and this is a widespread problem. A PTC survey found that thanks to incompatible tools, nearly 60% of designers have to recreate data.

Struggling with incompatible CAD data chips away at efficiency in several ways:

  • Time is wasted on data repair and model redesign
  • Project timelines are delayed, slowing time to market
  • Fabrication errors result in faulty or incompatible parts
  • Opportunities are lost as new projects are turned down

And someone has to absorb this cost.

Recapturing time lost to CAD file translation errors is a lot of pressure to put on a design team. A more efficient solution would allow engineers to use whatever file format they need. Creo embraces the multi-CAD environment, enhancing the design process and easing the pain of file translation.

Creo Unite technology embraces the multi-CAD environment and gives design engineers more time to create.

Preserve Your Digital Thread with Unite

No matter what CAD file translation challenge you’re facing, Creo Unite technology has the capability to solve it:

  • Open non-Creo designs from CATIA, NX, Autodesk Inventor, and SolidWorks in their original format—no file conversion necessary.
  • Integrate non-Creo and Creo designs to create multi-CAD assemblies. Add features to non-Creo models and modify those features defined in Creo.
  • Maintain original design intent by ensuring the integrity of CAD data created with outside platforms.
  • Receive real-time data updates—any changes your partners make within their CAD tools are automatically updated in Creo.
  • Embrace data migration and consolidate with ease. Convert only the parts you need to edit, instead of converting the whole assembly.
  • Save and export your data in the most common non-Creo formats.

All of these options allow you to preserve your digital thread from conception to production, so manufactured parts come out exactly as designed.

Creo Unite allows designers to import non-native files and work with non-Creo designs without converting them to a Creo object.

Creo Unite for Optimal Collaboration

According to Deloitte, the future of engineering is moving toward more team collaboration along with more customer and partner interaction. All of the innovative capabilities of Creo Unite work together to offer valuable benefits that support partnership and boost your productivity:

  • Maximize time and effort. Creo Unite offers a singular, streamlined approach that reduces redundancy and errors. Feel free to exchange data—without the headaches.
  • Eliminate costs by dropping all those extraneous platforms. Unite allows you to exchange models in non-Creo formats, without the need for corresponding licenses. Plus, you can cut the maintenance, training, and support associated with those systems—that’s money funneled directly back into your bottom line.
  • Reduce errors. All of those CAD file translation errors, late-stage design fixes, and loss of design integrity are history. Creo Unite eliminates geometric misinterpretations while increasing design consistency, resulting in the flawless final design stakeholders expect.

Creo Unite’s thoughtful approach to software integration eliminates multi-CAD network problems, encouraging professional collaboration.

Creo: A Comprehensive CAD Solution

Whether you’re looking to consolidate in-house legacy systems or streamline partner collaboration, Creo Unite technology offers a smooth path to success. And Unite technology is just one of the many benefits Creo offers. Creo is the complete CAD solution that cuts inefficiencies and accelerates timelines. Contact us today to see how it can transform your design process.