As a Windchill customer, you already know all the ways PTC Windchill improves collaboration and streamlines development within your organization. But the platform can only support these initiatives if it is set up and maintained correctly. Completing ongoing Windchill administration is not something many organizations think about when they purchase—but it’s essential. While PTC does include basic support and maintenance packages as part of the Creo and Windchill licenses, this is only technical support and doesn’t include any required administrative tasks.

So, what can you do? Without the right knowledge and expertise, completing Windchill administration tasks becomes a huge project. Updates and maintenance cannot simply be completed using installation wizards; you need someone who can provide the needed PTC Windchill help—that’s where we come in.

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PTC Windchill Help: Extended Support Program

At NxRev, we’ve been selling and helping manage Windchill instances for a long time. Over the years, we’ve noticed there are a few questions that keep popping up:

“Where do I get a Windchill license?”

“How do I install Windchill?”

“How do I make sure my Windchill instance will stay up and running?”

“How do I install maintenance packages?”

A lot of our customers simply don’t feel comfortable completing these tasks on their own. While many larger companies have IT teams who manage Windchill administration and other IT tasks, many of our small business customers don’t.

To help our customers, we established our extended support program. This way our customers get the PTC Windchill help they need, including the required ongoing maintenance.

Why Extended Support

Since many customers use Windchill to manage Creo data, there’s a lot of configuration required. PTC offers some training but doesn’t guide customers through all of the Windchill administration tasks required after setup. To manage these tasks, you could hire a full-time Windchill administration technician, but at $100-150k per year, that’s outside the budget for many organizations. Instead, we offer both client-side and server-side options to not only get you the technical support you need but keep up with the ongoing preventive maintenance that keeps Windchill up and running.

Our extended support program with preventive maintenance has significantly reduced the number of “down” calls we receive.

What’s Included: Windchill Administration, Installation, Technical Support, and More

Our extended support program for PTC Windchill comes in two versions: user/client support and server support.

As we mentioned previously, since most customers use Windchill to manage their Creo data, our Windchill administration user support includes Creo support as well.

Creo Extended Support

  • Open Creo support tickets directly through the NxRev web portal
  • NxRev assistance for PTC support tickets
  • PTC University account setup
  • One 1-hour mentoring session per quarter
  • New hire onboarding
  • Apply Creo date codes
  • Continued license support

Windchill Extended Support

  • All of the Creo extended support offerings
  • Open Windchill support tickets directly through the NxRev web portal
  • New hire onboarding
    • Windchill environment orientation
    • Create Windchill user account
  • Licensing support
    • License management
    • Troubleshooting

Windchill administration server support includes one preventive maintenance session every quarter (4 sessions annually). This regular Windchill servicing is all-encompassing:

  • Purge log files
  • Run and apply Windchill diagnostics utility (WinDU) patches as needed
  • Check and report publisher queue issues
  • Clear cache folders
  • Verify successful database and LDAP backups
  • Run database health check
  • Enable performance advisor
  • Monitor and report on hardware performance
  • Remove unreferenced files from the database
  • Update date codes as needed
  • Apply critical patches as needed
  • Provide enterprise down support
  • Rebuild the system in the case of catastrophic server failure
  • Offer supporting documentation for all work performed

Completing ongoing Windchill administration tasks keeps your systems running smoothly and minimizes downtime.

“But – I Already Have PTC Windchill Help Through My Maintenance Package”

This may be true, but unfortunately, PTC does not handle all the tasks that our extended support program does. The help you receive from PTC is often delayed, and when you’re working within Windchill, you simply can’t afford several days of system downtime waiting for a response. What’s more, our engineers have tons of hands-on PTC product experience. So, when you describe the issue, they likely know exactly what steps to take to fix it—they don’t need to rely on pre-established support scripts. Here are some of the major differences:


  PTC NxRev Extended Support
Response Time 2 days 2 hours
Services Technical support Technical support, ongoing maintenance, security patches, Windchill administration
Expertise Tier 1 support relies on scripted troubleshooting; you only talk to experts when all other options are exhausted Seasoned veterans all with 5+ years of experience working with PTC products
Location Global US-based support on the West Coast


Complete Windchill Administration and Maintenance Support from NxRev

Keeping up with your ongoing Windchill administration tasks is essential to maintaining working order across your systems and keeping your teams productive. Any unplanned downtime can negatively impact your operations, and nothing is worse than waiting multiple days just for an acknowledgment from PTC. We understand completing all of this background work can be a heavy burden for our customers—so we’re here to get you up and running and stay running with comprehensive windchill administration and preventive maintenance support.

If you’re currently experiencing a Windchill issue or just want to be prepared for the future, contact us to learn more about our extended support program.

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