Effectively managing data and files is one of the core features of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, like Windchill. PLM provides a centralized location to store, access, and manage product information throughout the entire lifecycle from the beginning-of-life and development through end-of-life and disposal. These solutions must take in data from a range of sources, including CAD platforms, to effectively improve communication between teams. Check out the following Windchill training webinars to see how you can share data easily – regardless of the CAD platform you use.

Windchill Training Webinar: Sharing Data with Creo

Since Creo and Windchill are both PTC products, it’s no surprise that they integrate and share data seamlessly. Managing Creo data continues to be a top priority for organizations – especially in today’s globally dispersed and remote workforce. Teams need to be able to work collaboratively without having to worry about emailing and updating files and Windchill can help with it all. Sign up for our upcoming Windchill training webinar on August 18th, to see how you can effectively share data with Creo including how to:

  • Search and re-use data
  • Confirm users are working within the latest versions
  • Setup simple workflows to release and change Creo data
  • Automatically create PDFs, STEP, and IGES files
  • Use the web-portal to share data with non-engineering groups

Webinar Registration: Managing & Sharing Creo Data with Windchill

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Windchill Training Webinar: Sharing Data with SolidWorks

Everyone knows that Windchill can manage Creo data – but it can natively manage SolidWorks (and other third-party application) data too. As more teams continue to work within multi-CAD environments, organizations need tools that can help them manage data regardless of the CAD platform. This ensures that there is a single repository for all engineering data, rather than multiple disparate systems. Sign up for our upcoming Windchill training webinar on August 25th, to learn how easy it is to set up a true integration between SolidWorks and Windchill to:

  • Easily import SolidWorks data
  • Search and update data
  • Implement release and change workflows
  • Visualize SolidWorks data
  • Support non-engineering teams with web portal access

Webinar Registration: Managing & Sharing SolidWorks Data with Windchill

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