Mathcad 6 is the best engineering calculation software. We know that’s a big claim – but its latest enhancements back it up. Mathcad 6 performs calculations faster, more accurately, and more precisely than Excel, and has more built-in formulas and symbolic calculation capabilities. Engineers can document their thinking alongside the formulas and advanced document formatting options mean calculation formatting is always accurate and consistent.

With the recent release of Mathcad 6, the platform’s legendary capabilities have been significantly enhanced. Here’s a look at some of the most exciting new features included in the best engineering calculation software.

Mathcad 6 has the tools you need to improve your business with enhanced productivity, improved accuracy, and data security.

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New Symbolic Calculations Engine

The new engine provides more control and flexibility over symbolic calculations. It provides a better platform for future engine enhancements and improvements. The new engine is the default, but users can easily switch to the older engine if they prefer.

Users can use standard operator notations for algebra, calculus, differential equations, logic, linear algebra, and more. Symbolic expressions can be used to evaluate, solve, and manipulate data, and the engine supports scalar, vector, matrices, and complex numbers.

The engine manages both linear and nonlinear algebraic and differential equations and supports optimization of constrained systems.

Content Protection and Security

Engineering calculations are part of your corporate IP, and you want to keep them secure. Mathcad 6 includes area protection and locking that lets you manage access control and visibility into your valuable information.

The enhanced security prevents accidental or malicious modifications to data by enforcing password protections to locked content areas. This protection hides proprietary information so you can share documents without worrying about compromising your IP.

Protect your most important corporate IP with built-in security tools for simple access control management.

Support for Larger Worksheets

Mathcad can handle tons of data. No matter how large your worksheet gets, you can easily manage and organize calculations. Large, complex worksheets—even those with over 100 pages—are no problem. Unlike some other calculation engines or spreadsheets, Mathcad doesn’t choke on heavy data loads.

Seamless Interoperability

Enhance user productivity by embedding content from other applications in Mathcad 6 worksheets. Users no longer need to waste time switching back and forth between applications or trying to synchronize work. You can even copy and paste from a worksheet directly into Microsoft Word for accurate, professional-looking documents.

Enhanced Formatting Capabilities

Now users can spellcheck text in multiple languages, making it easier to share information with global teams or international customers and suppliers. Users can format custom headers, footers, and margins, so your documents always have a uniform, professional appearance. It’s easy to embed hyperlinks directly into worksheets, so links to external information or other files are readily accessible, saving time and further enhancing productivity.

The Mathcad 6 UI was expressly designed to simplify data manipulation and calculations, but also to enable simple WYSIWYG document editing. Combining these capabilities provides full control over both text and math formatting.

The best engineering calculation software allows you to easily format text and calculations for stunning professional documents.

New 2D Chart Options

Users can completely customize the look and feel of 2D plot charts, including full formatting of axes, customizing titles and legends, the ability to show or hide gridlines and the ability to add a second Y-Axis.

Charts can be exported as an image file so they can be directly embedded into presentations, documentation, or other documents, to ensure accuracy and save time.

Mathcad 6’s XY plots include:

  • Scatter
  • Line
  • Bar
  • Stem
  • Waterfall
  • Error
  • Box
  • Effect plots

Plus, it also includes 2D, 3D, polar and contour plots.

Embedded Worksheets in Creo Designs

Since Mathcad 6 and Creo work together seamlessly, engineers can drive Creo designs directly from the results of their Mathcad calculations. They can even embed the Mathcad worksheet—perfectly formatted—into the Creo design document. The engineering team doesn’t get bogged down transferring data between systems, which enhances productivity and reduces the potential for errors. Anyone looking at the design documents later has the calculations easily accessible – assuming their security status allows it. Why use multiple software tools when PTC Mathcad and Creo work together so seamlessly?

Creo and Mathcad 6 work together seamlessly to create a powerful set of tools for engineers.

Improve Productivity with the Best Engineering Calculation Software

We think Mathcad 6 is a great system for engineering computation, and we think you will too. If you’d like to learn more about its industry-leading capabilities, contact us today for a free, no-obligation demo or just to talk about why we’re so excited about the new release of Mathcad 6.0.