The latest solution from PTC, Creo Simulate Live, saves engineers significant time and money by providing real-time CAD simulation results. No more waiting hours for data while simulations chew up computer processing power. Engineers can get results instantaneously as changes are made to models.

CAD Simulation Challenges

Completing simulation early and often in the design process is key. This process allows teams to make informed decisions about how a product should be changed or modified to better fit customer needs.

Using simulation in this way sounds easy enough – but teams are often faced with additional CAD simulation challenges like:

  • Time: There is no question that traditional analysis methods take a long time and they must be completed after every model modification. If you add up all this time for both larger design changes and smaller tweaks – your team spends a lot of time simply waiting for results. Because of these setbacks, it is common for simulation to be used as an end validation instead of a useful and insightful tool throughout the design process.
  • Limited support: As mentioned, due to its time constraints and traditional use simulation has turned into a validation tool. Throughout the industry, there is little drive for it to be used to support an analysis-driven design process.
  • Stuck using old-school methods: The industry’s widespread use of simulation as a validation tool means that analysis is completed too late in the process to really take advantage of the data it provides. By completing analysis right before prototyping and testing it defeats the purpose and benefits that CAD simulation can provide.

Due to its resource constraints, simulation has been relegated to an end-step validation tool instead of being utilized to its full potential to support analysis-driven design.

Creo Simulate Live

Creo Simulate Live can help solve all the challenges and problems associated with CAD simulation. It is integrated with the ANSYS platform to remove the barriers between CAD and CAE design and creates a single modeling and simulation environment. Real-time results coupled with an optimized environment helps to significantly improve design efficiency and allows teams to work using an analysis-driven design approach.

General CAD Simulation Benefits

CAD simulation further helps organizations by:

  • Decreasing costs associated with product development and prototyping
  • Speeds up time to market
  • Lowers the total lifecycle costs associated with the product
  • Increases the quality and performance of products by being able to make informed decisions throughout the process

Completing simulation early and often is critical to optimizing the entire design process.

Creo Simulate Live Benefits

One of the main benefits of Creo Simulate Live is that it is already integrated into the Creo CAD environment you are used to. In addition, it is extremely easy to use, providing feedback instantaneously as you make changes to your model. It even utilizes a common data model so sharing simulations with other engineers, whether or not they are working within Creo, is easy.

Creo Simulate Live Capabilities

Creo Simulate Live is powered by ANSYS technology to generate CAD simulation results in real time. This provides users with:

  • The ability to run simulations quickly: users can run complete simulations after just defining a few basic parameters.
  • Advanced proprietary technology: ANSYS technology provides integrated advanced meshing and solving capabilities.
  • A single environment for design and simulation: Coupled with the ANSYS discovery simulation engine, Creo Simulate Live supports powerful parametric and direct modeling.
  • Real-time results to support informed decision-making: Instantaneous results provide engineers with the data they need to quickly define and perform complete linear analysis as well as focus on speed, refinement, and interactivity with their new products.

Creo Simulate Live: Streamline Your Design Process with Real-Time CAD Simulation Results

Optimize design processes within your organization with Creo Simulate Live. Complete simulations early and often in the design process and utilize simulation results to create optimized products that are stronger, lighter, and faster. The ability to analyze every single change quickly provides you with the data needed to refine designs using an analysis driven approach.

No need to create extra work by creating meshes, simplifying geometry, or moving between windows – you finally have all the tools you need to run simulations within your CAD modeling environment.

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