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Currently, much of product design is limited by human imagination and existing design processes, but the release for Creo 5.0 plans to change that. It promises to increase productivity, support innovation, and improve collaboration to help you design the products of the future.

Creo 5.0 helps designers and engineers accelerate product innovation.

Simple Collaboration

Collaboration across teams and users is the key to any great product. Creo 5.0 has improved their AR functionality and Unite Technology to make collaboration easier than ever.

Augmented Reality (AR) Brings Your Designs to Life

The power of AR has been brought to every user in Creo 5.0. Integrated with Vuforia™, Creo allows you to create AR experiences that can be shared instantly around the world. These revolutionary tools allow you to display your product at scale, can help you explain your ideas, review issues, or find new design opportunities without going through a costly iteration and prototyping process.

CAD engineers can produce AR experiences directly from models and tailor experiences that can help use, service, and support their products and end users.

Using the Creo AR Design Share platform, a Creo Parametric extension, you can:

  • Quickly design and distribute beautiful AR experiences
  • Streamline product development
  • Maintain control over who has access to AR experiences
  • Protect IP with advanced security controls that prevent access to critical CAD data
  • Support and enable stronger sales and marketing strategies

Easily Work Together Regardless of Preferred CAD Software

In addition to improved AR capabilities, Creo 5.0 has streamlined collaboration by adding Autodesk Inventor to the Unite Technology family.

Creo 5.0 has added Autodesk Inventor to the Unite Technology family.

Unite Technology is PTC’s innovative platform that removes the need for error-prone and time-consuming file translations. It significantly improves productivity in multi-CAD environments by allowing teams to collaborate and design across systems to improve product quality. You can easily:

  • Import and convert data from numerous other CAD systems into Creo data that can be modified and changed using the Creo platform.
  • Open non-native files without requiring any additional conversion effort, allowing you to incorporate the data from these other file types directly into their designs without creating additional business objects.
  • Update files as your designs change. The collaboration extension ensures that all changes made on imported or opened designs are expressed across all formats.
  • Save as whatever file type you like. Designers can easily exchange their Creo model formats for other common CAD file types without a license from the software systems.

Work across CAD environments and file types seamlessly with Unite Technology.

Major Productivity Improvements

Creo 5.0 has made some serious productivity improvements in the 5.0 release. In addition to general UI and modeling improvements, there are also many new tools and features to help accelerate productivity.

  • Draft features have been optimized to make applying draft features to both native and non-native geometries containing rounds faster and easier. Creo does this by allowing the user to select the surface where the draft should be applied, and then automatically removing and reattaching the rounds as needed.
  • Helical sweep tool allows you to specify the revolve profile and helical trajectory to sweep along to gather accurate geometric information for the milling and grinding operations. Previously, many designers had to create these 3D geometries using inaccurate 2D approximations.
  • Design in perspective gives designers the option of how they want to look at their models, either perspective mode or orthographic. A simple toggle allows you to switch between display modes for a better user experience.
  • Sketch regions make it possible for you to create more complex geometries with fewer clicks. You can simply create a single sketch with overlapping geometries and then select the regions to extrude or revolve.
  • Subdivisional modeling has received two major improvements in Creo 5.0. First, a new box mode provides a clearer picture of the control mesh for faster interactive manipulations during the design process. Second, you can now align your design geometry to existing Creo geometry with curvature constraints.
  • Sheet metal tools continue to improve with Creo 5.0. The latest release includes two new corner relief types with specific control tools over their orientation and allows you to switch between the bent and flat states of their models in both assemblies and drawings.

New and Improved Extensions

  • Additive manufacturing for metal 3D printing: Although this extension was included in Creo 4.0, it has now been updated to include support for metal 3D printing. New tools help generate and optimize all your custom support structures whether they are printed in polymers or metal.
  • Mold machining extension: The new mold machining introduces new capabilities for CAD design by automatically generating optimal tool paths for the creation of molds, tools, dies, and electrodes. These can be used in complex machine designs for one-off or low-volume production.
  • Flow analysis extension: Performing simulation early and often in the design process can significantly reduce product development times and costs while speeding up time to market. The new computation fluid dynamics (CFD) extension provides complete and easy-to-use liquid and gas flow simulation tools built for both designers and engineers in mind.
  • Topology optimization extension: Available summer 2018, the topology optimization extension allows you to define your objectives and constraints, and then let Creo 5.0 handle the rest, automatically creating the optimized parametric geometry for you.

Get Creo 5.0 Now!

Creo 5.0 is the CAD software organizations need to start designing the products of tomorrow. The latest additions to the platform provide all the tools you need to increase productivity, improve optimization, and get your products to market faster. Plus, the advanced AR capabilities will truly bring your product design process to the next level and help support your other strategic efforts by allowing everyone to clearly visualize your design.

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