Carbon Fiber is the lightest, strongest material in the world. The incredible strength of carbon fiber comes from the long, continuous strands that carry load down the entire part. This is why space shuttles, rockets, and Formula 1 cars are constructed from continuous strand carbon. And it’s how MarkForged’s Mark One Industrial Strength 3D Printer prints stronger, usable parts.

Mark Two 3D Printer feature

Even Stronger and Faster 3D Printing

Now, MarkForged has announced the new leader in 3D composite printing: The Mark Two. The Mark Two improves upon their original revolutionary Mark One with:

• 40% faster fiber printing process
• Reinforce features 15 times smaller than before
• A host of incremental improvements in software, hardware, and materials to enhance the overall experience

High-Strength Printing
By reinforcing your parts with composite fiber while 3D printing them, The Mark Two achieves unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability in its printed parts.

Range of Materials
The Mark Two prints Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar and Nylon. This allows you to take advantage of the non-scratch surface of Nylon and the strength of Carbon Fiber in the same part.

How It Works
The Mark Two has two print heads. One builds Nylon parts. The other is a revolutionary, new composite print head to reinforce those parts with continuous fiber.

Precision Design
The Mark Two print bed clicks into place with 10 micron accuracy — allowing you to pause a print, remove the bed, add components, click the bed back in and then continue the print in the exact same position.

MarkForged built their own 3D printing software that comes with The Mark Two. Printing a part to be flexible or strong is easy and intuitive.

Mark Two 3D Printer

Powerful Software
Every Mark Two comes with Eiger, MarkForged’s browser-based 3D printing software. Eiger runs on any computer and is designed to be easy to use. So you can get printing quickly.

Mark Two 3D Printer part A
Mark Two 3D Printer part B

Automatically Strong
Eiger automatically reinforces your parts with fiber to maximize strength and stiffness.

FAQ’s about the Mark Two

I am a current Mark One customer; can I upgrade?
YES! An upgrade plan will be announced over the next couple of weeks. Contact us and we will notify you when the upgrade plan is available.

What is the current lead time for a Mark Two?
If you order now, the current lead time is 4-6 weeks. Orders are first come, first serve.

What is the pricing of the Mark Two?
The Standard and Professional Kits are the same as the Mark One: $5,499 and $8,799 respectively. The new Enterprise Bundle is $13,499. The enterprise bundle gets high temperature materials for Aerospace and Auto. Same machine, but it heats to a higher temperature to work with the materials.

What is the high-temperature material roadmap?
Over the next 12 to 18 months we will be releasing more high temperature material for industrial applications.

Want more information, or ready to buy?

What to learn more about this awesome machine? Give us a call at 408-986-0200, and we’d be happy to discuss specs, set up a demo, and figure out how much time and money a composite 3D printer can save your organization. Or drop us an email here.