FloEFD for Creo provides fluid flow and thermal simulation

FloEFD for Creo is a full-featured 3D fluid flow, heat transfer analysis package—totally integrated into PTC Creo (and Pro/ENGINEER).

FloEFD is both fast to learn and fast to use because it doesn’t come with the numerical complexity and meshing overheads of traditional high-end computational fluid dynamics (CFD). It is the only CFD analysis tool that is truly embedded into Creo Parametric.

Unlike other 3rd party CFD programs, FloEFD for Creo works directly with native Creo geometry – with no translation or copies – in order to keep pace with on-going design changes. FloEFD for Creo has the same “look and feel” so you can focus on solving your problem instead of learning a new environment.

By using the Creo geometry directly and solid model information such as features and parameters, you can simulate your designs in real-world conditions. Direct use of native geometry is an extremely powerful feature since it provides you with functionality that is not easily offered by other CFD programs. Because you’re using the same exact geometry for CAD and analysis, you maintain one set of data across your product design process, and your analysis is always in tune with your design.


Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use CAD embedded Concurrent CFD
  • Better Products, Faster
  • Improve product performance, functionality and reliability
  • Reduce physical prototyping and production costs
  • Minimize risk of making design mistakes
  • Save both time and money by reducing design times and speeding up workflow
  • Effortless what-if testing
  • Robust visualization