PTC Creo is known as a leader in computer-aided design (CAD). What most people don’t know is that Creo includes numerous tools and features that make it the best computer-aided manufacturing software as well. Although CAD and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are slightly different, they hinge on the same principles. Both use computer software to increase productivity and efficiency. So, what exactly makes Creo the best computer-aided manufacturing software? Let’s dive in.

Both CAD and CAM use computer programs to increase productivity and efficiency in the design and manufacturing of products.

Why Use the Best Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software

CAM software guides engineers through part design, manufacturing, and inspection. The best computer-aided manufacturing software solutions provide numerous benefits for manufacturing organizations, including:

  • The ability to produce better components faster
  • Improved accuracy and consistency across components and products
  • Increased efficiency in part production

By selecting Creo as your CAM solution, you not only reap these benefits but can also integrate with a suite of solutions designed to create and optimize designs for manufacturable products. Combining all of these factors significantly increases productivity and cuts costs.

Features of the Best Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software

Creo includes a variety of extensions built explicitly for manufacturing. By utilizing these advanced tools, your teams can quickly improve productivity across your organization. In addition, the Creo NC and Tool Design solutions provide the highest quality machining in the fastest time possible.

Production Machining Extensions

  • Complete Machining: This comprehensive extension supports advanced NC machining strategies, including support for mill-turn, live tooling, and multi-task machine sync. It includes features from both the prismatic and multi-surface milling and production machining extensions.
  • Computer-Aided Verification: Easily incorporate Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) programming for digital quality inspections and have complete confidence in the QA process.
  • High-Speed Milling (HSM): This extension includes basic hole-making features, 3-axis trajectory milling, 3-axis high-speed milling and roughing constant load-scan type for roughing sequences, and adaptive feed rates.
  • High-Speed Milling Advanced: Has all the capabilities included in the HSM extension plus 5-axis continuous high-speed milling toolpaths with automation and collision checking, 5-axis high-speed milling and roughing, and more.
  • NC Sheetmetal: Use sheet metal materials effectively and efficiently while optimizing designs for manufacturing.
  • Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling: Get the highest quality and highest precision machining in the fastest time possible, including the automatic change propagation and associative update of NC toolpaths. It also includes multi-surface 3-axis milling with 4- and 5-axis positioning.
  • Production Machining: Includes all the prismatic and multi-surface milling extension features plus 4-axis turning and 4-axis wire electrical discharge machine.

Tool & Die Extensions

  • Expert Moldbase: Automate many of the time-consuming tasks associated with moldbase tooling with a customizable “smart” mold component library and automatic ejector pins, waterlines, and fitting functions.
  • Progressive Die: Reduce time and frustration with easy-to-use wizards that guide users through strop layout definitions, cut stamp creations, and placement, plus automatically create clearance cuts, drill holes, and documentation.
  • Tool Design: Increase productivity by accelerating the design of producing mold and cast tooling with automation for parting line and parting surface geometry and associative design features.

Additive Manufacturing Extensions

  • Additive Manufacturing: Easily create and optimize lattice structures for additive manufacturing parts and define the printer tray setup.
  • Additive Manufacturing Advanced: Includes all the features of the additive manufacturing extension, plus metal 3D printer connectivity and optimized generation for custom metal support structures.

Creo makes it possible to design, optimize, validate, and run print checks within a single additive manufacturing environment.


Get Started with Creo—the Best Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software

It’s clear that Creo is the best computer-aided manufacturing software—especially if you’re already using Creo as your CAD solution. If you’re not, we highly recommend you switch to the leading CAD software provider. Of course, as the largest PTC reseller on the West Coast, we may be a bit biased. But after working with and supporting PTC solutions for years and helping our customer switch from other competitors, it’s clear why they are a leader in their field.

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