As announced back in April, starting January 1, 2018, PTC will no longer offer perpetual subscription licenses for Creo, Windchill, or the ThingWorx platform. Instead, all products will use a subscription-based licensing model. Customers will be able to continue using existing perpetual licenses and can renew support on active licenses – but how will this change impact your organization?

This Creo license change impacts all PTC users, not just NxRev customers.

I currently have a perpetual license – so what kind of changes can I expect?

You can still use your perpetual license.

If you currently have a perpetual license with PTC you will not be forced into the subscription model. Your contract with PTC will still be valid and they will always honor existing contracts to support their customers. Generally speaking, your account will continue operating as normal. If you use support packages you will still be able to renew your support entitlements, update your products, implement bug fixes, and get new releases.

PTC will continue to honor existing contracts with perpetual license users.

With a perpetual Creo license you can convert your active licenses to subscriptions or add new subscription licenses at any time. You will just not be able to add any more perpetual licenses. (If you are thinking of switching to subscription, we recommend switching now to take advantage of the current PTC promotion).

But, you cannot upgrade from an older platform.

Even though you can get new releases on your existing platform, you will not be able to upgrade from an older platform to a more recent version once the new subscription model begins since you might be in need of support with your subscription management. For example, the Creo Essentials Package is the newest release for Creo and includes the “Flexible Modeling” extension.

The Creo Essentials CAD package can be used with Creo 3.0 or Creo 4.0, so if you are using one of those platforms you can get all the new tools. If you are on an older platform such as Foundation XE (Wildfire 5.0) or Creo Parametric (Creo 1.0 or 2.0) you will be stuck using that platform (and only the tools it includes) indefinitely. You have until the end of December to upgrade your platform on a perpetual license to get these new features.

Or add extensions with perpetual licenses.

The license changes also impact how you can add extensions. If you continue using a perpetual license but choose to add an extension, that extension will only be available with a subscription license at the subscription license rate. Perpetual licenses for extensions will no longer be offered.

Wait, what is a subscription license anyway?

Subscription licenses allow customers to reduce the upfront costs associated with new software. Using a subscription Creo license, users can adopt software on a pay-as-you-go model and receive:

  • New releases: Customers get the latest release, ongoing maintenance, and essential security updates to keep business running smoothly.
  • Assisted support: Remote desktop diagnostics make it easy for certified, multi-language support engineers to help you pinpoint problems sooner, or you can utilize eSupport resources.
  • eLearning content: Subscription users have access to a library of on-demand resources so engineers can refine and improve their skills at their own pace.

Subscription Creo license users get premium access to support and other resources.

Why should I subscribe?

Customers who use subscription instead of perpetual licenses also benefit from:

  • Cloud deployment options for lower IT-related costs.
  • Solution flexibility so as your business grows and changes, your software solution changes as well. Subscription licenses allow you to change your capabilities so you can access only the software you need, right when you need it.
  • A shared commitment to success of your business through proactive support, comprehensive services, and eLearning resources.
  • Faster innovation cycles with new products and feature enhancements released in shorter cycles than perpetual models.

What are the options to consider before the end of December?

Upgrade your perpetual license to subscription and get 3 free extensions.

If you convert your perpetual license to subscription, you get three extensions for free. This is the perfect option customers who currently have a Creo or Pro/Engineer license and want to gain additional functionality at a minimal cost. Plus, if you have any unused support left on your perpetual license you will get reimbursed when you switch.

When choosing your free extensions, you get to select three of the following:

It doesn’t just stop there when you upgrade. You also receive:

This is the best deal for customers who use an older Creo license and want to add additional functionality at a minimal cost.

Upgrade to Creo Essentials with a 35% discount

If you currently have an older Creo or Pro/ENGINEER perpetual license you can upgrade to the Creo Essentials or Creo Engineer Package . Different Creo packages add increased functionality like top-down design tools, concurrent engineering features, piping and cabling optimization, simulation, data management, and more.

In particular, if you upgrade to Creo 4.0, you gain additional capabilities like:

  • Unite Technology to import files from other CAD systems without using a neutral file or translator.
  • Freestyle to quickly and easily model complex geometries and shapes.
  • Late stage design changes using quick edit tools.

Want to stick to a perpetual license? Upgrade to Creo Essentials or Creo Engineer to ensure you don’t get stuck using an old CAD platform with limited features.

BOGOHO: Buy One Creo License and Get the Second Half Off

Whether you are looking to switch to the subscription model or stick with perpetual, right now you can on a new Creo subscription or perpetual licenses. Plus, you get the Design Exploration Extension (DEX) and the Human Factors Analysis Extension (Manikin and Manikin Analysis) included for free.

Creo licenses are buy one get one half off for both perpetual and subscription models.

These offers are only for a limited time!

With the switch over to a 100% subscription model happening soon, these offers are only available until December 28, 2017. Don’t wait to upgrade, make the switch to subscription today and get additional functionality and benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Have questions about the new Creo license model or want more information about our limited time offers? Contact us.