It’s no secret that there are quite a few options out there for engineers who need professional grade 3D CAD programs. One of the biggest Creo/Pro ENGINEER competitors we hear about is SolidWorks.

Engineers who choose Creo over competitors like Solidworks have a significant advantage when facing complex design challenges. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all solution to design issues, Creo allows users to change their methodology to suit the requirements of the task at hand.

Flexibility: Advantage Creo

Creo offers a complete range of fully integrated modeling paradigms, including both 3D direct and 3D parametric. Creo Direct offers speed and simplicity when editing designs. With Creo Parametric, precision and attention to detail are optimized to meet exacting modeling requirements.

Creo allows users to switch back and forth between Direct and Parametric formats—a unique advantage of PTC’s Creo suite of CAD software.

Choose the best paradigm for any given task:

Direct Speed

PTC’s direct modeling solution, Creo Direct, offers users heightened speed and efficiency during the design process.

Key benefits include:

  • Faster, more flexible part and assembling modeling
  • Increased efficiency through an intuitive interface and unrestricted simplification and editing of geometry
  • Straightforward importation and editing of designs created using other CAD software

Precision with Parametric

With Creo Parametric, PTC offers users the detail-oriented precision needed to manage exacting technical demands.  Users will have access to:

  • Precise modeling capabilities which allow you to design to the customer’s specifications rather than up to the software’s limitations
  • Seamless web connectivity for a highly efficient product development process between multiple users

Who Says You Have to Choose?

The ease of switching between Creo Direct and Creo Parametric outpaces the limited design options of Solidworks by allowing for both precision and efficiency simultaneously. The same model may require differing levels of precision and speed of editing based on user experience levels, required tasks, and the type of product being designed. Switching between the two paradigms ensures that any design requirement can be met efficiently.

Flexiblity is just one of the many reasons why Creo trumps SolidWorks as the best 3D CAD modeling program for most users. Make sure you tune in to the rest of our series for more.


Are we biased? Sure. We’re the largest reseller of PTC’s Creo software on the West Coast. Before we made our investment in the Creo brand, you can be sure we did our research and we believe Creo is the best choice for most engineers.

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