Thinking about switching from perpetual to a subscription license of Creo? Don’t wait – we have special Creo discounts happening right now.

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You get to choose from:

This offer is only available until December 28th, 2017.

Why Subscribe?

PTC announced back in April that as of January 1, 2018, all licenses moving forward will be subscription only. So, if you are thinking about switching, now is the perfect chance to reap some additional savings and benefits.

Subscription Creo licenses also include:

Plus, subscription licenses make it easier for your team to collaborate. No more having to worry about moving between version types—when you’re on subscription licenses everyone gets upgraded to the latest version at the same time.

The Creo Extensions

The latest Creo discount promotion allows you to select three of four extensions to add to your Creo package at no additional costs. Let’s take a look at the extensions available to you:

Design and Exploration Extension (DEX)

The PTC Creo Design and Exploration Extension is not a part of the promotion – but is automatically included when you upgrade to a subscription license. It makes it easy to explore and evaluate multiple design ideas or iterations in a single parametric environment.
creo discounts - creo extensions - checkpoints

Creo DEX removes the need to manage multiple versions of a design by providing “checkpoints” that a designer can revert back to at any time. These tools simplify the design and verification process by:

  • Allowing designers to explore new ideas without the risk of accidentally changing original design files or committing to changes
  • Helping designers explore and develop different design concepts and methodologies to evaluate all possibilities before making final decisions
  • Eliminating manual data duplication and the need for session cleanup

DEX makes it easy to test and explore multiple design options without having to maintain multiple versions.

Interactive Surface Design Extension (IDSX)

Using the Interactive Surface Design Extension for Creo makes free-form surface design easier than ever before. It combines state-of-the-art free-form surfacing tools within the advanced Creo Parametric environment, allowing designers and engineers to create complex curves and shapes within an intuitive environment. IDSX allows designers and engineers to:
creo discounts - creo extensions - surface

  • Easily create free-form geometry using as many or as few restraints as they desire for maximum design flexibility
  • Focus on adding value to the design rather than worrying about transferring and interpreting data
  • Automatically and instantly adapt to changes thanks to complete associativity between surfaces and curves, which significantly reduces product development times.

Intuitively create free-form design surfaces and geometries with as many or as few restraints as you like.

Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX)

As technology continues to advance, it is critical that designers and engineers understand how and where to include electrical and fluid flow aspects in their designs. The Creo Piping and Cabling Extension helps designers streamline the piping and cabling design process – regardless of industry or piping and cabling style.

PCX helps significantly cut costs and development times by removing the need for physical prototypes.

The PCX extension allows designers to:

  • Capture all the information needed for schematics and manufacturing documentation, including isomeric drawings, bend tables, and BOMs, which further enable cost-effective manufacturing processes
  • Minimize design errors and remove the time-consuming task of collecting all relevant system information by making it an automatic process
  • Automate routings so designers can quickly determine the optimal path
  • Ensure that all design rules and schematic logic are enforced throughout the design
  • Speed up the design and development process through the use of standard fittings and connectors available in the custom connector library
  • Reduce costs and development process time by removing the need for physical prototypes

Simulation Extension

creo discounts - creo extensions - simulationSimulation is a key step in ensuring your products will work as you expect – the very first time. Using simulation and analysis can significantly improve the development and manufacturing process while also helping reduce production costs. The PTC Simulation Extension not only simulates how products will function in the real world – but will also allow you to increase durability, reliability, and safety.

Using the Simulation Extension designers and engineers can complete the following tasks:

  • Finite element analysis for parts and assemblies
  • Static structural analysis
  • Automatic meshing
  • Finite element modeling idealizations
  • Results display and reporting
  • Model and buckling analysis
  • Steady state thermal analysis
  • Design optimization
  • Contact analysis
  • Advanced finite element idealizations
  • Nonlinear materials and large deformation
  • Dynamic pre-stress analysis
  • Transient and nonlinear thermal analysis
  • Mechanism dynamics
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Mold filling analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Human factor analysis

Additive Manufacturing Extension

Rather than having to use multiple design programs for your 3D printing projects, the Additive Manufacturing Extension lets you design freely within the Creo interface. You can easily design, optimize, validate, and print-check your designs in one centralized environment.

The additive manufacturing extension also provides the following benefits:

  • Centralized additive manufacturing environment: Concept creation, design, development, and printing in one environment means you can reduce errors that often occur during data and design translation. This allows you to significantly speed up the development process and reduce production costs.
  • Complicated internal structures: One of the main benefits of additive manufacturing is the ability to create extremely strong and light parts through the use of complicated internal lattice structures. The Creo Additive Manufacturing extension allows you to parametrically control these structures and perform simulations so you can easily optimize and resolve multiple design elements at once.
  • Wireless printer connection: When you connect your printer wirelessly, the Additive Manufacturing Extension automatically recognizes your printer abilities allowing you to have a better understanding of build time, material usage, and color assignment for improved design optimization.

Forget using multiple design solutions for additive manufacturing. Instead use the Creo Additive manufacturing extension to design, optimize, validate, and print from a centralized location.

Creo Discounts: Don’t Miss Out on This Amazing Offer

Creo Parametric is the leading CAD product, and with so many extension options and upgrades, it is the perfect solution to meet all of your design needs. Plus, since PTC is moving to all subscription licenses by the end of the year, you might as well take advantage of these great Creo discounts.

For a limited time, get three Creo extensions when you upgrade from a perpetual to a subscription license. Don’t wait – upgrade now!