What is FloEFD?

FloEFD from Mentor Graphics is a CFD (computational fluid dynamic) analysis tool embedded in PTC Creo. FloEFD can assist with a wide range of analysis and simulations within Creo.

Meshing is a CAD technique used to break down a complicated structure into smaller pieces, to make it easier to analyze different components of the design.

Meshing Your Product:

  1. First make sure that the base mesh is occurring in 2D. FloEFD automatically has a series of presets in place that it thinks is appropriate. You have the ability to preview the base mesh and use the slider bars to view the Cartesian mesh at different levels.
  2. Next, disable automatic mesh settings and instead manually define them. This allows you to look at the number of cells in the x, y, z directions and control the number of planes.
  3. Using the local initial mesh option, you can manually apply additional grids in areas or volumes of interest, and if desired, force the mesher to refine using slider bars after turning off the automatic mesh setting.
  4. Using the solution adaptive refinement capability, the system can create an automatic refinement of mesh adding in high flow gradient areas for a solution.
  5. Repeat using the solution adaptive meshing capability until you are satisfied with the result, and if desired you have the ability to restrict how dense the mesh can be.

As you can see, using the solution adaptive refinement tool can help you come up with multiple levels of meshing for your various needs. This process can effectively create mesh sensitivity tests and in turn help find accurate solutions. Using this technique, we were able to take advantage of both the features in CAD and the analysis tools. This is one of the many reasons FloEFD for Creo is such an amazing product.

For more information or pricing on FloEFD or Creo, contact us.