Markforged has always been on the cutting edge of 3D printing technology and the lineup of new Markforged printers is no exception. With a starting price point for advanced hobbyists to engineers looking to create industrial-strength parts, Markforged has something for everyone.

From the hobbyist to the commercial engineer, the new Markforged printers have features for everyone.

New Markforged printers have what you’re looking for…

Just starting out? Try the Onyx One

Looking for strong, durable, high-quality parts at a reasonable price point? Look no further than the Onyx One. This state-of-the-art printer costs only $3500, perfect for an individual or organization looking to start using 3D printing in their design process. The printer includes a single print head and prints with Markforged’s amazing onyx material. You can even upgrade your Onyx One to an Onyx Pro for only $3500, the same total investment whether you purchase outright or upgrade later.

Print with Markforged’s state-of-the-art Onyx filament without breaking the bank.

Strong parts at a reasonable price point? Try the Onyx Pro

The upgraded Onyx Pro includes two printer heads with the ability to print onyx filament and onyx filament reinforced with fiberglass. This reinforced material has incredible strength, 5x stronger than onyx alone, allowing users to create industrial grade parts. High resolution and quick printing speeds make this printer ideal for commercial organizations looking to improve their iteration process.

Want to go from CAD to part in a matter of hours? Try the Mark Two

The easy-to-use Mark Two provides users with high strength parts in a range of materials. It is the only printer on the market that allows designers to go straight from CAD to part in a matter of hours. Forget iterations, use your parts straight off the printer with 100-micron resolution and a beautiful finish. The Mark Two can print with onyx, nylon, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar providing you with endless design options.

Large industrial prints with high resolution? Try the Mark X

The Mark X is ideal for manufacturers. It includes the first print precision sensing system, ensuring that your parts are printed flawlessly every time. The beautiful onyx finish on these parts makes this printer perfect for robotics, prosthetics, automotive parts, and functional prototypes. The print volume on the Mark X is 2.5x bigger than the other printers in the Markforged family and prints with a resolution of 50 microns. This printer even includes capabilities allowing you to check your parts mid-print, ensuring accuracy at the most critical tolerances.

Metal parts overnight? Try the Metal X

For the first time, 3D printing metal is accessible to all engineers and manufacturers. Including tools to create working prototypes, industrial replacement parts, or injection molds you can significantly reduce production costs by cutting out the middle man manufacturer.

The new Markforged printers provide designers and engineers with the tools they need to succeed.

Amazed by these printers? They have even more benefits.

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface: Included on some models, users can easily manage everything on their printer whether they want to pause a print mid-way for inspection, or just need to hookup the Wi-Fi.
  • Integrated systems: Markforged’s products are part of a larger integrated system of hardware, software, and state-of-the-art materials designed from the ground up with the user in mind.
  • Eiger Software: Markforged’s included software makes it easy to import drawings and slices to create your prints exactly as you expect.
  • Turbo print (beta): included with some models, innovations in material and software allow prints to be generated two times faster and with 100-micron resolution

Want strong parts? Large parts? High-resolution parts? The new Markforged printers have what you need for any of your 3D printing projects.

Ready to join the Markforged family? Contact us today about pricing and a more extensive list of features for each printer. We would be happy to help you address your needs and figure out which printer is the best fit for you or your organization.