A unified CAD strategy – one that unites all in-house design work under one CAD package – can save companies a ton on IT, support and hardware. As Jim Brown, the president of Tech-Clarity, said, “Consolidating on a single CAD system helps enable design and component reuse and promotes better collaboration among engineers.”

Since 2011, many companies have switched from having multiple CAD software solutions to just using PTC Creo for all their design work. These companies come from every discipline and part of the world, but share one thing in common: a love for simple, elegant solutions.

Here are just 6 of these companies that have turned to PTC Creo as their singular CAD tool:

Sony Ericsson (Multimedia devices): As a global company, Sony Ericsson’s numerous sites used a number of different CAD tools. Eventually, they looked into standardizing their global platforms for mechanical and electronic design – and chose PTC Creo.

FSG Design (Product design): With a robust client list and complex design requirements, FSG Design realized they needed to unite under one CAD tool. They chose PTC Creo in part because it is compatible with virtually all of their clients’ files.

ARTGOS (Toilet seats): ARTGOS needed to develop more innovative products, decrease design time, and reduce time to market. Switching all their design processes to PTC Creo Parametric gave them the powerful yet flexible 3D CAD capabilities they needed to remain competitive.

Britax (Car seats): Creating high-quality car seats requires a strict adherence to industry safety standards. To meet and exceed those expectations, Britax unified its design teams under PTC Creo to cut down design time. The result? More designs created in less time.

Gromin (Packaging for cosmetics): Eastern Europe’s cosmetics industry runs on this Minsk-based company’s products. Each of their client’s products requires a custom packaging design. Consolidating under PTC Creo let Gromin decrease their approval times from clients by a whopping 25%.

NTM Wheels (Specialty car rims): Collectors scour the NTM catalog for high-quality rims to fit their classic, race, and special order cars. Switching fully to PTC Creo allows NTM to give their customers the customization options they need while cutting development time in half.

Even though each company is different, they all experienced the same results: faster time-to-market, more rapid design reuse, more creative concept design stages, easier collaboration, and – most importantly – more business.

Are we biased? Sure, we’re the #1 reseller of PTC’s software suite on the West Coast. We’ve drunk the Koolaid. And so should you.

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