Whirlpool, the world’s #1 major appliance company, has been innovating home appliances since 1911. Over their hundred-year history, their products have seen a dramatic shift from basic devices to sophisticated combinations of machinery, electronics and software. Some products, like the modern washing machine, are almost unrecognizable when compared to their predecessors.

Constellation: The Star of Whirlpool’s Product Development

To stay ahead of the competition, Whirlpool created a product development process tailored to their specific design needs. The process, named Constellation, outlines a plan for an entire year’s PLM goals. Whirlpool implemented it to:

  • Shorten the length of product development cycles
  • Increase consumer-related innovation
  • Increase the number of product variations from a decreased number of platforms
  • Improve cost and quality position of their products

Their extensive list of products also requires PLM software that can supplement Constellation goals.

Whirlpool and PTC: Nearly Three Decades Strong

PTC has been Whirlpool’s preferred CAD solution since 1986. They use a wide variety of PTC products, including ProEngineer/Creo, Windchill ProjectLink, Windchill PDMLink, WQS, MathCAD, Integrity, PPMLink, Arbortext, Isodraw, and Product View. PTC can provide them with solutions to nearly all of their design and PLM needs, making this an ideal partnership for both companies.

In particular, Creo 2.0 helps Whirlpool manage its ALM and SLM needs. One of Creo’s key features is its integration of parametric, direct, and organic subdivision surface shape modeling. This ensures Whirlpool doesn’t compromise speed for precision when editing complex designs.

Additionally, Creo 2.0 offers the Options Modeler. When used along with Windchill, it helps Whirlpool generate and validate precise 3D representations of product configurations. The modeler also helps automate the creation of any Whirlpool product by defining common architecture and product modules, and managing how they interface and assemble.

NxRev and PTC: Partners in Design

PTC’s products are utilized by companies that run the gamut of size and complexity.

Whirlpool is a Global 2000 company, but many smaller and midsize companies turn to NxRev for the same line of products, as well as our specialized training materials, consulting, and support.

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