Wait until you hear what our sales reps have been up to the past few months!

Brian Lahowe was just named Hunter of the Month for April by PTC, an award given to the sales rep that closes the most new Creo Customers. Following right behind was our own Mick Mullen in second. Way to go, guys!

Both Mick and Brian earned second place finishes in March. If we know Mick, he won’t be satisfied with second place for much longer. Guess this means Brian has a target on his back in May!

Of course, Brian and Mick would never admit this, but the secret to their success (and ours) is having an amazing product. Our top-shelf training programs and resources all but sell PTC Creo software for us. Add an industry-leading 3D CAD product to the mix, and you have a sales rep’s dream.

For more information about PTC and the Creo suite of design software, visit www.PTC.com.