PTC’s Windchill 10.0 is an extremely useful tool for project management, whether you’re an engineer or a “casual” PLM user. If you haven’t been using Windchill or aren’t up to date with the current version, then you’re missing out on a ton of great features that Windchill 10.0 provides.

Without a doubt, the biggest change PTC made to Windchill has to be what they’ve added under the hood: 

  1. Support for essential aftermarket business processes by remodeling real-time product development and engineering bill-of-material data and manage product-centric technical data and service bills of materials. This allows users to supply configuration-specific service information on dynamic parts lists, maintenance procedures, training materials, and operator instructions that can improve product and service performance throughout the product’s life cycle. 
  2. Improved MCAD and ECAD integration by offering one user experience for both mechanical and electrical engineers. 
  3. Inclusion of top-down design. Engineers can now create and/or modify CAD files directly in Windchill 10.0. 

PTC has included a number of new modules inside Windchill 10.0 that will improve data analysis and presentation:

  1. Windchill Cost integrates product cost analysis with the product development process. This allows you to create accurate cost reports by performing cost analysis on every product design change.
  2. Windchill Quality Solutions focuses on quality life cycle management. It allows for constant quality checks on a product in development to ensure that it meets the requirements laid out throughout the whole design process.
  3. Windchill Product Analytics provides current visibility of product performance based on its data while automating the data capturing process.  This allows users to gain early visibility into product performance across multiple factors, such as carbon emissions, weight, environmental compliance, and others. 

Lastly, PTC has revamped Windchill 10.0’s user experience. Windchill 10.0 has a much cleaner look and feel and a lower learning curve. Now non-engineers can navigate through the program with ease and increase their productivity. The cleaner look also lets more experienced users quickly navigate, initiate tasks, and customize their user interface to meet their individual needs. Windchill 10.0 offers improved monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities with tools to help optimize numerous IT and business administrative processes.

10.0 has become a much more powerful, yet more accessible, application. Improve your product management today by contacting NxRev to purchase your copy of Windchill 10.0. If you need help getting started, sign up for one of our training sessions. Or call us at 408-986-0200, and we’ll get you up and running in no time.